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The Tangshan HESHUN printing machinery manufacturing Co.,Ltd. Locates Yutian County, Hebei Provice ,that the vegetable has the good reputation of “Print machine city in the east of Beijing”, is a complete enterprise which gathers the machine electricity design , fine work a manufacturing , and a marketing network in the integral whole.That factory depends on the oneself strong technique strength, the forerunner's machine processes an equipments, having an experienced operation technical expert more, to manufacture the autmatic foil stamping and die cutting machine, Products with function stable, quality dependable, price reasonable, serve in time thoughtful。The HESHUN company won the trust of many multiusers, is print machine profession in of a dazzling Nova. HESHUN human face market to vehemence competes, fixing attention on in the future, trustworthiness management, persistence“the quality first, customer supreme” of basic policy, improve an old product continuously, develop a new product.Make great effort customer satisfaction of raising the product, better contented customer need.From original material purchase ,spare part manufacturing, keep to construction the adjust the whole machine to pack an each link of factory, the quality consciousness of“the quality first, customer supreme”thorough public, try for the best ground to work well this officers and workers to make, inspect a last preface, and be responsible for towards descending a preface, is every HESHUN person to work well each spare parts to process and assemble of aware of self behavior.Everyone knows that only have so then can exquisite article, create famous brand, let the HESHUN enterprise sign in the invincible position in the market the competition of the big tide. the HESHUN company has perfect after-sales service system and marketing network.The training contain plain attendant, patiently communicating with customer working experience, detailed introduction product of the right method of usage and maintenance. If the customer meets a problem, can pass telephone , various way contacts such as fax or Email etc., at and at that time handle a problem or arrive to the spot, nasty customer of nasty.They know, time is customer's wealth, the prestige is an amiable life.Periodically returning to visit with information feedback after selling machine is HESHUN product effect of the enterprise guarantee, understanding customer demanding important link, so make the HESHUN product improve continuously, satisfied a market need with maximum limit.Pass a market investigation in the larger degree, the development develops the new product that the customer needs , making HESHUN factory continuously stronger, setting up the business enterprise image of HESHUN company further. ...











Address:Zhendingfu Village East, Huandao, Yubin highway, Chengxi, Yutian County, Hebei Province